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Planning your fundraiser

Our expertise in event-based fund-raising, allows your organization to raise more money in less time without worry or risk. This is a group effort and will require precise planning, organization and devotion from all parties involved. There are things that we provide for the event, and things that you must provide. We will guide you with ideas on how to ensure that your event will be the most successful it can be, and making it as easy as possible. 

What we provide:

·          A template for printed flyers

·          Hosting of the event

·          Live duck races*

·          Recorded music from a professional DJ

What you provide:

·          A suitable event location

·          Permits for the event

·          Volunteers for the sale of advertisements, sponsorships, and dinner tickets

·          Chinese auction items for sale

·          Food for the banquet dinner

As part of our service we will be giving you a template for printed flyers. On the date of the event we bring a supply of wagering and raffle tickets and provide hosting of the event, live duck races*, and music with a real Disc Jockey.

We will be in charge of getting the ducklings to the event. They will be delivered to us only a few days before your event to ensure healthy, energetic ducklings. The duck race track will also be provided by us, and one of the nice things about our race track is that everyone will be able to see the race! It will have plenty of light and be high enough for all to see. The race tickets for the ducks will have the race # as well as the duck #. The Tote Boards and Side Boards will be done before the event so they are ready to be used the moment that the event starts.

As for the music portion of the night, we will be providing a professional DJ, the microphone, amplifiers, music player, extension cords and lighting. You will guide us on what type of music your organization listens to so we can have the music already picked out before the event.

Now, let's discuss things that you provide. First, you must choose a date for the event, and then secure a banquet hall that is available for that date. Arranging for dinner to be served is done at this point, and it may be provided by the banquet hall, an outside caterer, or by the members of the organization itself. You must call your local City Hall to find out if you need any special permits because each city has their own ordinances. Also, you will need to ask your City Hall representative if you need a policeman on the premises during the event.

Then, the selling of the event takes place. This involves people within your organization getting sponsors, selling dinner tickets, and recruiting a few volunteers to assist at the event itself. Lastly, gathering up the gifts for the Chinese auction takes place. It’s all a lot of fun, and your group will enjoy the process.

The next step is for you to contact us to start planning your event today!

* The Red Barn Duck Races will make our best effort to provide live duck races, but circumstances beyond our control could require that taped duck races be shown instead; i.e., a local health department restriction.




"Raffles are just one way that organizations raise money at these events."